Delaware Literary Events

Delaware Literary Events

Basically, help needed

The DE Literary Events site is taking more time than I am able to spend on it right now. Since I can't keep up with it, I've decided to put it on hold, I hope temporarily. I can bring it back if I can get some help with it. Or if I figure out how to find more time.

If you're willing to help and can do any of the following, please let me know:

  • Basic work with WordPress. People who can find information about events (I can tell you where I look) and/or create posts for events would be a great help.
  • More complex work with WordPress. Dealing with the theme and plugins. That can mean anything from keeping the plugins updated to changing the look of the site by altering theme options or working with the CSS.
  • Working with images. Generally, that means finding images for the posts (a large cover image for each post, and images of presenters, book covers, etc.), usually on Google images or amazon. Resizing and compressing the images. Inserting them into the post or getting them to someone who will insert them.

If you can help with any of this, email me at

Unfortunately, this is volunteer work. Since I'm not an official nonprofit and can't afford to become one at this time, I fund everything for the site. I wish hiring people was in my budget.



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